how much does a roof cost in florida

How Much Does a New Roof Cost in Florida?

While roofs can last anywhere from 25 to 50 years, it is usually recommended to replace your roof every 30 years, at the latest. If you live in a severe-weather-prone area like Florida, however, you may find you need to replace your roof much more often - which leads us to a common question: how much is a new roof in Florida?

If you have recently experienced extensive roof damage or are approaching that 30-year mark, you might be starting to stress over the actual reality of installing a new roof.

how much is a new roof in florida

Here is everything you need to know on how much a new roof should cost, including the cost of installation.

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How Much Is A New Roof In Florida?

It can cost just over $7,000 to replace a roof on a normal-sized home, which is about 2,000 square feet. If you have more square footage, expect that cost to rise.

The next most important factor in determining how much a new roof will cost you in Florida is the material. A shingle roof is the most common type of roof and is what the average cost of $7,000 was determined. If you want to upgrade to tile roofing, like a Spanish tile or an eco-friendly reclaimed tile, you can expect different prices.

Concrete is less expensive than clay, while slate tiles are almost ten times more expensive than your average shingle. If you are looking to save costs, ask around to see which roofing material is the most cost-effective.

Many roofing companies offer payment plans to help make the cost of installing a roof affordable.

The Hidden Costs of Installing a Roof in Florida

cost of a new roof in florida

Now that you have a good understanding of some of the costs, it is important to know about the unexpected hidden costs. Be sure to budget for these surprise costs so you aren't blindsided at the end of the installation.

Inflation and supply shortages are unexpected costs you may need to account for. These scenarios can cause the cost of roofing materials to surge or can delay your roofing installation by weeks or even months.

If your roof was damaged due to a severe weather event, and you need storm damage repair, you probably are not the only one looking to repair or replace a roof. The surge in demand can delay time until roof completion.

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Replacing and installing a new roof can appear daunting from the onset, but it is much more manageable in reality. As long as you factor in average costs, plus save for a few unexpected expenses, you should be set to pay for your new roof.

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